Fine, very fine…

A model that transforms any house into a cozy home.
Finesse that adds value to bathrooms: Ibiza. Fine, very fine…


Aqua Series enhances your living spaces with its perfect design and fluid reservoir.


Elite is presented to users as a special series in which bathrooms reflected simplicity, aesthetics and a modern silhouette.
Elite, with smooth transitions, has been specially designed for those who care about aesthetics. In addition to its modern appearance, the series also attracts attention with its wide washbasin bowl and  comfortable use. The Elite Series, which is redesigned by Cerastyle in accordance with current lines and trends, offers a different option with its form for those who know how to capture elegance in details with its upper surface consisting entirely of the reservoir. These minimal lines constitute the character of the product, which does not have available space for use on the right and left sides. Elite is presented to users as a special series in which simplicity, aesthetics and a modern silhouette are reflected in bathrooms.


Urban and modern!

The Frame Series, which offers a stylish look to bathrooms with its fine and elegant frame, gives the series an urban and modern look with its geometric lines. The series, in which functionality and elegance are emphasized in its design, is easy to use thanks to the frame surrounding its upper surface preventing water from overflowing from the sink and wetting the furniture. Urban and modern!


A new toilet bowl added to the Rimless series.

A modern and elegant look despite simple geometry.

The latest generation wall-hung WC pan, which will contribute to the hygiene of bathrooms with its 3rd generation washing system and easy-to-clean feature. The new WC pan added to the Rimless series.