Turkuaz Seramik - Company Profile

Good design starts with art and art is a reflection of the soul on the design. We are adding little nuances of art and beauty to designs, the nature of which is about purity. We are deriving inspiration from the past, and projecting it into the future. Directing strong emphasis on the modern approach into a brand new dimension, we add more value to the design. While adding a new touch to the well-known and timeless lines, we are creating highly energetic spaces deriving inspiration from today for the future. We are combining simplicity and aesthetics in our bathroom sets in a way to evoke luxurious, smart, and modern feelings.

The Spirit of venues changes with Art, Turkuaz Seramik

Good design starts with art and art is the reflection of the soul on the design. We add small nuances to designs by adding art and beauty to inherent purity. It reflects the breezes of the past to the future; We are taking the strong emphasis of the modern approach that adds value to the designs to a completely different dimension.

Respected Brand in Turkey; Turkuaz Seramik

12,000 people in 72 provinces in Turkey were contacted within the framework of the Reputation Index of Turkey (TIA) and the results indicated that Turkuaz Seramik A.Ş. was one of Turkey's reputable Sanitary Ware Brands. Turkuaz Seramik has become a sanitary ware brand that has risen to the top with its brand perception and the traces left in the minds of the public and customers with its corporate activities and social responsibility projects.